Get a fuel card!

Affordable refuelling - 13x in Austria and 45x in Germany

Refuel inexpensively in Austria and Germany with the MONTEX fuel card

Advantages of the MONTEX fuel card

  • High quality branded fuels at affordable discount prices
  • Unrivalled discounts of up to 10% per litre or more
  • Much cheaper refuelling than with comparable fuel cards
  • You can also benefit from the low prices in Austria on transit routes:
  • Diesel price on average 7.3 cent per litre below the EU average
  • Up to 30 cents per litre cheaper than in Italy, for example
  • You can fill up DIRECTLY on the Austro-Italian border, BEFORE reaching the high prices of Italy
  • Save up to 100 Euros! Per full tank!

Refuel cash-free with the MONTEX fuel card

  • Constantly high quality of fuel throughout the entire network
  • All stations designed by professionals for heavy duty lorries and buses
  • Diesel supply at great prices, 24 hours a day
  • The MONTEX fuel card is currently accepted at 13 Austrian and 45 German stations. The petrol station network is constantly being expanded.
  • The stations are equipped with high performance pumps and some are also motorway service stations
  • Petrol stations close to the borders and at all important traffic hubs also mean inexpensive refuelling for transit traffic

Security and keeping track with the MONTEX fuel card

  • Highest security for the fuel card with individual PIN code
  • No minimum purchase, no annual fee, free issue
  • No fees or charges
  • Refuelling cash-free with only one invoice for the entire fleet reduces your administrativeexpenses
  • Current listing of all expenditures for each vehicle, electronically if required, available daily
  • Clear, detailed invoicing documents (summary invoice) as a valuable instrument for quick cost analysis
  • Important cash-flow advantage with invoicing on the 1st and 16th of each month and direct debit 10 days after billing
  • Individual special arrangements possible on request